Think Smart & Be Smart.

Our extreme effort now at your door with the different qualitiful services for your ready preference without any third party interference within the shortest possible time in a secured way. So please feel free to knock for our services whenever you need. We are always at your services which are as follows:
Driver Services:
We are providing the smart & learned as well as experienced driver (more than 05 years’ experience) for any kind of driver related service, which have been running with the customer satisfaction from 2013.Mentionable you don’t need to worry about the security reason along with road & safety knowledge. We are ensuring you we follow the two tire based verification of our every driver regarding their present & permanent address with the minimum of eight (08) person is taken as the reference for driver recruitment procedural.

Driving School
We provide a lawful training of our every trainee with the proper care & time. We prefer more practice with the maximum time (02 days in a week) by our honorableBRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) instructor, which ensures a good command on your driving skill.

Security Services
We have a team of highly skilled & professionals to protect our clients’ businesses, employees & assets or privacy aspect whether it’s high risk conflict zone we are always there.

Rent a Car
We provide easy & affordable car for our valued clients with the proper sound knowledge of our experienced driver as well as ensuring safety first. Rent differs in different requirement as per the said client needs.

Office support
We offer different package for any kind of official assignment with our best effort to flourish your dream i.e Employees support, event management, decoration and shifting.

Car Servicing
When your vehicles are in out of operation we are there in a while to make ensuring prompt services thinking & keeping in mind your top satisfaction. Our experienced team is always available for your services and make you happy.

Smart Media
Smart Media Limited is one of most reputed leading advertising agencies in Bangladesh for its innovative creation. As an innovative firm Smart Media is producing a number of significant Documentaries, TVCs, RVCs etc. As an innovative firm we handle all aspects of advertising process, including Branding, Planning, Designing, Segmenting, Producing, Organizing and Placement. Our company also handles other aspects of marketing communication, such as public relations, marketing research, sales promotion, event organization, idea generation, awareness creation etc.

Discount Applicable
If you are a member of “Smartsheba” then you will get special discount from our following business partners.
Discount Type:
1. Medical
2. Electronics
3. Gymnasium
4. Web Development
5. Apps Development
6. Tourism
7. Consultancy
8. Home Apparels
9. Interior Design
10. Visa Processing

We also ensure qualitiful services and try to get the feedback from the clients whether they are getting the proper discount or not from our respected business partners.