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Smart Sheba

Main company contact: Smart Sheba, House No # 04 (4th Floor),Road No # 19, Sector # 11, Uttara, Dhaka-1230

Business, Administrative & Contact Information

Business name: Smart Sheba Pvt. Ltd

Business type: Private company Company registration number: C150474/2019 Tel/mobile : 01722-555222, 01733-339022 E-mail:

Who we are: Founded in 2013, Smart Sheba is a full service oriented company in a various of number of area such as we provide driver, rent a car, Driving Training, security guard, House Shifting & much more. we strive to be most reliable & service oriented company in Bangladesh. we make sure you get the best service at the lowest cost effective rate.

Our Mission: our vision gives us a sense of direction & destination. it captures our aspirations being the best in everything we do.It is the basis for what we all stand for as one company.

Our Vision: To provide timely & quality services and building brands with a superior touch of creativity & innovation

# Customer Satisfaction:
Meeting clients” expectations by delivering on our flawless promises

I# integrity:
we are honest, truthful & accurate in our every single actions.

# Reliability:
We are able to perform & maintain our service in routine circumstances, as well as hostile or unexpected circumstances.

What we offer:
Our every service is unique & uniquely handled through our assign customer dealing officer. Being a smart service oriented entrepreneur we offer a number of number of services such as we provide driver, rent a car, Driving Training, security guard, House Shifting & much more in a smart, sound & secured way.


Management & Ownership

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Company/CC documents SABS / ISO 9000 requirement compliance documentation Tax clearance certificate from SARS. The P.A. Shop offers the service of applying for this for customers. Maps showing location. Any other relevant substantiating documentation.

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